Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Second Family.

Today was the last day of classes for my first semester in BYU's accounting program. 

You know how sometimes events in our lives seem so far away and then BAM. You are there. Where you've always pictured yourself. It always seemed so far away... but its actually happening and it almost feels like a dream. Well, ever since I can remember, I have pictured myself at BYU, in the accounting program. I was interested in it in middle school, and I told EVERYONE in high school of my plan to be a future accountant. And here I am, already done with my first semester. 

The great thing about my interest in accounting is that the school of my dreams, BYU, has the second ranked accounting program in the nation, and I now know why. The people in the program are some of the smartest, hardest working people I have ever met. BYU's accounting program is organized so well, and they overwhelm us with homework and projects. Not to mention, the tests are ridiculous. We have class at 8am Monday through Friday. Then, after class... if its a good day, homework will only take 4-5 hours. But most days arent good days. This past semester, was the hardest schooling I have experienced. There were days where I was in the tanner building from 8-8, and then I would come back at 10 and stay up late studying. 14+ hour days were not unusual. Its a tough program.

HOWEVER. I can not begin to express my love for accounting. I honestly love being a part of the program - we are treated like gold (the big four LOVE BYU students), we get lots of free stuff (I've gotten two sweatshirts, 300 dinners, tons of activities, gift cards, a trip to New York, Pens galore and a gazillion other things) and this really was the funnest semester I have ever had. I love my teachers, and more importantly I love my group. I was SO blessed to have Julia, Ammon, TJ, and Jace as the people that I had to work with everyday for the past four months. 

When we are born, we get sent to earth and get put into a family- who we spend the rest of our lives with. The accounting program is a little bit like that. On the first day of class, we get put with four other individuals that we will be working with for the entire semester. Let me tell you. Before starting the program I heard countless horror stories of some of the groups. I imagined all of the possibilities... they could smell bad, they could be lazy, they could never have time to meet, maybe not even care about accounting! Your group literally determines how your whole semester goes.  But luckily, someone who loves me a lot and is always looking out for me put me with exactly the people I needed. 

I've always believed that my family isn't perfect, but they are perfect for me. This is how I feel towards my accounting family. Sure, we may have our differences. But overall, we work hard together, finish all of our assignments, presentations and projects amazingly, get good grades, AND we have so much fun doing it.

I have come to know each one of these guys so well, and I really do care about them and love them. We've been through so much together, and I couldn't have made it through my first semester without them. Thanks. 

Julia and Ammon's Bday

My birthday!
TJ's bday!

When we first started the Warren Case
Finished the Warren Case transactions

Here's to late nights, making nicknames, wasting time, getting 10/10's on all of our quizzes, taking pictures during class, falling asleep, hanging out on weekends, battles over study rooms, field trips, seeing penny snatcher outside of class, Justin Bieber break time, sharing time, invading teachers offices, the warren case, making fun of others, Christmas music, snack time, going to whatever booth is open and taking everything, asking for blankets, my raps and random comments during class, and to all of the laughs and giggles. I love you guys. We really did have the best group in accounting group in history.

PS. I still have finals. It's not all fun from here on out. Wish me luck on what's about to be the hardest week of my whole life. hopefully I survive! Good luck to everyone else in their studies as well!


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