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Worst part about this vacation? My crazy family.

Best part about this vacation? My crazy family.

Like I always say, My family isn’t perfect, but they’re perfect for me.

Sometimes we think that everyone else has a perfect family and that our family is the only one that has problems. But in reality, no family is perfect. Every family is unique, and every family has their struggles. I’m getting to the age where I’m beginning to see things more from my parents point of view. It’s weird. Weird to think that I’m at the age that in a few years, maybe 20 or so, I’ll be starting my own family. It’s weird to think about my parents when they were my age. How did they know what to do? How did they get through their years when they were struggling and poor? How do they control their bratty children?

Luckily, I still have a bazillion years before I have to worry about that.

Anyway, we’ll start this journey from the beginning.
So. My family decided to head to Hawaii without me. They came on a Wednesday, and I didn’t join them until that Friday because I had my Accounting Information Systems Final (kill me) at 7am that Friday. It was torture. They sent me a gazillion pictures of the beach while I was trapped in hbll (Harold B Lee Library). After my final (which ended at 10am), I booked it to the airport and made it just in time for my 11:30 flight and said ALOHA to Honolulu. s/o to tyler owens who picked me up from the Tanner building WITH McDonalds and booked it to the airport for me J

I finally arrived. Sometimes I forget what my family is like. Super sarcastic, super outspoken, and super active. It’s every man for himself and I’m pretty sure the times we laugh the hardest are when we are making fun of each other or other people. The week flew by. To summarize the week, here’s the top 5 funniest moments followed by a plethora of pictures.

1. One day, while we were on the beach, this woman, probably about 26, came up to my mom and asked for my mom to take a picture of her. So my mom’s like sure! The woman has a strong accent, and she says, “Make sure you get the waves and mountains in the picture” So she hands my mom her camera and starts rolling around in the ocean doing all of these sexy poses…. My mom took a few pictures and luckily the woman was satisfied. Hahahahah.  About an hour later, my sister and I were talking about how funny that was and we started to reenact it, two minutes into our hilarious joke, we look over and the same woman is sitting there. Watching us make fools out of ourselves. Awkward hahaha but so funny.

2. We were driving back after hiking Diamond Head, and it started to rain.  Hailey looks out the window sees a woman and says, “WHY DOES THAT OLD WOMAN HAVE A PLASTIC BAG ON HER HEAD?! We all looked, and right as we passed by in our Ford Explorer, she biffed it and fell to the ground. SO funny. Of course we were going to stop and help her….. but luckily she had her family there to help her up, so we figured she’d be fine.

3. My lovely sister, who had already changed races, decided she would be tanning during PRIME tanning hours. RAIN OR SHINE. Everyone knows prime tanning hours are 10-4 so sure enough, 10 am we head to the pool, even though it was cloudy and raining. Thomas and I stare at the pool while Hailey jumps in and tries to convince us that you can still tan through the clouds. She didn’t convince us. We come back a half an hour later, and we can’t tell if she was tanner, or if she was just purple from freezing. Hailey’s like, “yeah, when it started pouring, I almost drown because I would keep myself under water to keep warm and then come up for air only. That was a low point.” But like she says, “Pain is beauty” so she endured the rain for the five minute breaks of sunlight. Luckily it was sunny by 12… I laughed so hard those 2 hours though. My sister is probably one of THE funniest people I know, and she was on a roll.

4. Pictures. All my friends say I take a lot of pictures… hmmm, I wonder who I get it from.  My dad is always picture happy. So one night as we are walking, my dad sees a palm tree with really cool lights and wants a picture of Brandy leaning against the tree. Simple right? Think again. Brandy, my youngest sister, isn’t the most coordinated Molina. So, just to pose her is an adventure… Haileys yelling, “SUCK IN, CHIN UP, GLASSES OFF, PUT YOUR ARMS OUT SO THEY ARENT SQUISHED, TILT YOUR HEAD…” First picture, Brandy looks like she was blessed as an 11 year old with huge wabos because she was sucking in so hard. Second picture, she’s trying to remember to do all of these commands and she just falls over.  Needless to say, my dad didn’t get the picture he was expecting. Pictures are always super fun in our family (sarcasm). But, I personally love it. It’s a huuuge part of all of our outings. And I believe, if there aren’t pictures… it never really happened

5. Watching my dad tan. You think that out of all of us, the FULL HISPANIC one would get the darkest? Well. My dad was the one with SPF 100 the whole time, until the last day, where he let himself go and went sunscreen-less for an hour and a half. TOMATO. Hahahaha sucka. We love you dad. Sorry we are darker than you.  

There were obviously a gazillion more funny moments. And the ones I listed were probably the kind that you “had to be there.” So sorry if you didn’t think they were that funny, but they really were.

the best. 
my best friend. 
hiking diamond head. 
days at the beach. 
My dad is a genius. 

Ate out er day. CPK 

Hawaii temple :) 
Pearl Harbor
Polynesian Cultural Center 
Canoe rides 

daddy's girls :) 

my baby boy. 
our snorkeling destination. 

Overall, I can say we had a great time together. The weather was beautiful and it was a great break after my intense 70+ hour studying week. For those of you who aren’t as cool as me, and get stuck in freezing weather, tough luck.  Hahah… regardless of where I am though, I love this time of year. Everyone heads home for the holidays.  And wherever home may be, I hope everyone is having a fantastic winter break. Remember to be thankful for the family you are given. Nobody has a perfect family, but we should all try to learn to love each other.

Aloha and Happy Holidays everyone!



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