Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time flies.

Since I've started college, April has always been an interesting month. I feel like everything starts and ends in April.

Two Aprils ago, I finished my freshman year at BYU, and left to Mexico for two months for a mini mission in Cuernavaca, Mexico. 

Last April, I had just returned from spending a few months in Uruguay and started my first Spring term at BYU.

This April, I am ending my hardest year of schooling everrr, moving to California for two months and then Oregon for the rest of the Summer. (both for internships) 

Everything is always changing. Time doesn't stop for anyone. Its crazy to think its already been two years since my time in Mexico-all the elders I met while I was there, are home. aaaand a whole year has passed since I was with my beautiful family in Montevideo. what!??!

Why does time always seem to fly by? Finals are coming up, and every time I get worried about them, I just think. Before I know it, they will be over. I remember my first day of BYU's accounting junior core. I looked at the calendar full of assignments and remember thinking. "I can't believe I am going to eventually complete all of this." And look at me now. Done with every assignment. All I have are my last exams. It's absolutely crazy.

So. I'm a horrible blogger. It's been almost two months since my last post about the dumb modesty letter that went viral blah blah whatever. (By the way, what an experience....) To be honest, I only started a blog so I could keep up with every other girl in Provo. Hahaha. Maybe one day I'll become more legit and post about daily walks and what I see/think when I look out the window. Or maybe all I have to do is wait until I'm engaged, or married. And then I can post everyday about how in love I am. But right now, I just like to post every once in a while so I don't forget the cool things I do. And remember to be grateful. So if you get bored reading about my life. Then you don't have to read it... hahah. It's that simple.

Here's an update of some of the cool things that have happened since I last posted.

I accepted my offer with Ernst & Young. I'll be interning with them this summer in Portland, Oregon. I. Can't. Wait. And got my other internship figured out in California for Spring. And i'll be living with the Taylors. Can my life get any better!? I love those people SO much.

Got a new roommate! Ariel is such a fun girl and I'm soo glad we got such a cool new roommate. She's such an example to me, and I'm better because of her.

Went Snowboarding.... winter wouldn't be complete without shredin da hecka sicky gnar

Went to Bri's bridal shower. (I can't believe one of my best friends is getting married in two weeks! Luckily I get to go to LA for it! I love you brianna)

My dad came and visited me. I honestly have the coolest dad in the whole world. Haha. You can ask any of my friends how much I talk to him. He calls me, or I call him at least once a day. Usually more. Actually, almost always more. I'm glad he got to come and spend some time with me. He always makes me laugh, he is probably one of the funniest people I know. And. He gives the best advice.

Played by the pool. This winter has been so weird. It's been so warm and sunny and I love it. And then randomly it snows in APRIL!? what the heck utah.

Watched BYU in March Madness. Came back after they were down by 20 points.... it doesn't matter that they weren't that good this year, that was a cool game. And  my bracket got killed. I had Duke winning. Its cool though. I still love Duke.

Went to the red carpet premiere of BEST MOVIE. everyone should see it!

Celebrated St Patricks day! Which is also Tia Any's birthday. FELIZ CUMPLE!

Boyce Avenue and Second Hand Serenade Concert. Oh my gosh. I'm so obsessed with Boyce Avenue. Listen to their acoustic version of thats what makes you beautiful and teenage dream. You too, will love them.

Went to a Jazz Game.  Okay, who actually likes the Jazz? Maybe if Jimmer played for them, I'd be excited to watch them play. But this game just made me miss the Blazers. Rip City girl.

SAW THE HUNGER GAMES. Wow. I really can't choose between Team Peeta and Team GALE. THEY ARE BOTH FREAKING BOMB WOW. Russell and I bought 45 tickets. It was way fun to have such a huge group. And I'm glad I got to go with all of my friends

Went to Ernst & Younger games. It was basically a huge game of capture the flag. So much fun haha. And Jim Turley, the CEO of EY, came and spoke to us. My name tag said "Campus Hire" I felt legit.

Festival of Colors.  Okay. I don't know who saw that meme. "Biggest Hindu celebration on the western hempisphere, 20000 Mormons, 10 Hindus." So funny. But you can't ever pass this one up. It's so fun! And you get bomb pictures. I obviously wouldn't give up a good photo op. duh. Unfortunately, it dyed my hair pink. cool. real cool.

Passover Dinner. HAHHAHA. okay. so funny. Jason killed me. It was really cool experience, we got to see the actual process. And how the Passover meal is performed. AND they made us eat the bitter herb. Hollllyyyyyy gross. I honestly felt sick for about an hour afterward. But that was probably the coolest part, because afterward if you go and read the passages, you get a feel for the bitterness that Jesus experienced. That bitter herb was honestly the most horrible thing I have ever consumed. It got me ready for Easter.

Went with Hunter and Westin to their mission reunion. Stacy and I just took Pictures. I'm going to miss this girl so much when I leave for the summer. I couldn't ask for a better best friend.

Played APRIL FOOLS DAY PRANKS. OKAY so. Here's what went down. I schemed the night before. Chase_Observes helped. It was mostly my brilliant mind though. Okay, yeah, it was all me. OREOS AND TOOTHPASTE. I do it every year. So what you do, (you can probably guess) is you take the frosting out of the middle of the Oreo and you fill it with toothpaste. GENIUS. So I left them out,  for April Fools day. Brad and Bryan came over for conference. BRYAN TOOK AN OREO. wow i love it when other people fall for my genius. THEN. Dallin invited us over for a pancake party. PERFECT right!? I brought the Oreos. Set them out. Watched the boys fall for them one by one. it was so fun to yell at them all APRIL FOOLS. I felt like such a boss hahhahahahah.

then.... I should have known better to trick the brilliant minds at Lanai. When I wasn't paying attention, they brought my oreos down to my car and oreo'd my car...... coooooooooooooool. hahah no. but good job.... i guess i deserved it. not really.

Went to Conference. Brad got tickets! We tried to go in the fall but oh wait... we got there late and lost a ticket. haha but this session we finally made it and can i mention it was THE SAME SESSION THAT DAVID ARCHULETA SANG IN. OH MY GOSH. I really almost died. It was the best day of my whole life. After conference was over. I ran up to the front and just stared at him. He may or may not have winked at me. :D

Easter Eggs. HAHAHHA okay. SO we had a Easter egg coloring competition. Spencer and I OBVIOUSLY won. CAN YOU SEE JUSTIN BIEBER ON THAT EGG? it's a masterpiece.

Finished the JUNIOR CORE. Best, hardest, craziest, coolest experience of my schooling. ever. Have I ever mentioned how much i LOVE my major? Accounting is seriously the best thing I could ever ask to major in. It's cool to find something you enjoy. So I'm a pretty lucky girl. I'm so thankful for my group. I think it was different for everyone because last semester we had so many projects and did EVERYTHING together. But this group was just as cool. They are all great guys and I'm glad I got put with them. And what are the chances that I got in the same group as my best friend? I freaking love you Russell Gardner. You're such a boss and I'm lucky to have you as one of my best friends.

I don't know what it is, but I always feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I just have good luck. Maybe it's because I always pick up lucky pennies. No matter what side is showing, they seem to always bring me good luck. I'd like to think my good luck comes from two things. 1. My Heavenly Father. He always knows what I need. Even if it's not the answer I want, or thought I wanted, he always seems to send me to where I need to be, and send me the people that I need in my life. To help me learn, to hurt me, to love me, to guide me, and to make me a better person. 2. I'd like to think it's my attitude. I don't have a perfect life. Bad things happen. I have hard days. But, I don't let those hard things get to me. Life is for fun. You can't always be waiting for life to be fun, "Oh I'll be happy once I graduate." "I'll be happy once I'm married." "I'll be happy when finals are over." No. Life is for having fun and being happy every single day. Even the bad days can be turned into a good day.

Last but not least. HAPPY EASTER. I hope everyone has a fantastic day and remembers what today is all about. Jesus Christ, our Savior, and my older brother was resurrected. I know that he really, truly, loves each and every single one of us. I know that he loves me. One of my favorite quotes comes from President Hickley, "If Life Gets Too Hard To Stand, Kneel." He is always there. He will always listen.