Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving. Starting up the Blog...

For some strange reason, I've really wanted to blog lately. I mean eveeerrryyyy girl here has one. So I just want to be like everyone else, go figure. Plus my life is so cool... people will just be dying to read all about my crazy adventures. Kiddin... but really.  If you go back, I actually started this blog when I was living in South America, but haven't posted since... we'll see how often I even write in this thing.

To start this blog off... 
Since November is the month of giving thanks, this past month, I wrote down the thing I was most thankful for that particular day. Here's my list! 

1. I'm thankful for missionary letters 
2. I'm thankful to be healthy (and not throwing up like my roommate) 
3. I'm thankful that my brain works and can be tested (even though test week is killing me) 
4. I'm thankful TEST WEEK IS OVER and to be in Vegas with my mom, Stacy, and Rosa to celebrate my twenty first 
5. I'm thankful that I got to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and Lion King
6. I'm thankful that I have a car that kept Stacy and I alive and warm on the snowy, scary drive home from Vegas 
8. I'm thankful that my dad is never not on my recent call log on my phone... makes him easy to call. So, overall, I guess I'm thankful for the relationship I have with my dad.
9. I'm thankful for great hometeachers. And I'm thankful that mine shares a love for Twitter like I do. 
10. I'm thankful for my accounting group. They really are like my second family, and I'm blessed that we get along, they work hard, and I actually like them. 
11. I'm thankful that today was the best day of my life 11:11!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. I thankful for cabins, and great friends. 
13. I'm thankful that they didn't talk about getting married today during church.
14. I'm thankful for the intense recruiting at BYU and how EY is flying me to Portland to interview for an internship this summer!!
15.I'm thankful that we built candy houses in accounting class, oh and for Christmas music!
16. I'm thankful for my body, and that it doesn't kill me when I run forever.
17. I'm thankful that I got a group of 20 girls. and some guys. to go to the BREAKING DAWN midnight showing with me!
18. I'm thankful for my bfee Cait and that she memorizes songs like Super Bass and Love the Way you lie with me. That way we can impress all the boyz. 
19. I'm thankful for the examples set by people in my life, even from people I don't know very well - its the little things - like Tammy.
20. I'm thankful that I met Stacy this summer, and for the amazing example she is to me.
21. I'm thankful for Russell, and that he is driving me to the airport tomorrow. and that I GET TO GO HOME! 
22. I'm thankful for technology and that I had an app on my iphone where I didnt even have to print out my boarding pass and that let me check in. And for free wifi on the plane!
23. I'm thankful that my dad bought me a nice wedding gift already! A new house! ;) hahah jk... but really. 
24.I'm thankful for my beautiful mother who cooked a lovely thanksgiving and for the love she has shown me my whole life, no matter what. 
25. I'M THANKFUL for my best friend aka hails and catie who shopped with me at midnight BLACK FRIDAY!
26. I'm thankful for the relationships that you know will never end, the kind distance doesn't end. 
27. I'm thankful for the gospel, there is nothing that brings more happiness then the knowledge that I have. 
28. I'm thankful for the tanner building and the library - I spend more time there than my own apartment.  AND that the hbll is open till 2am now till finals. 
29. I'm thankful to have a free trip to New York in January. GOT MY TICKET. I can't even wait. 
30. I'm thankful for warm fires, apple cider, and santa!

Overall, I'm a pretty lucky girl with a whole lot to be thankful for. Throughout my life, I've come to realize  that when I do the things I should be doing, treat others with kindness, and trust God, everything always falls into place. Sometimes things turn out differently than we expect - but every single day, we have something to be thankful for. Even if we are going through a hard time, we should be thankful for the trials we are given, because without them, how could we ever know when we are truly happy? 

Hopefully this post didn't bore you too much. I really think blogs are weird. Who would even want to read about my life? Oh well. Dont read it if you don't want to!


ps. since its december now. i'm only saying hohoho everytime i laugh. instead of hahah. and i believe everyone should join me.