Monday, July 27, 2015

Oregon Open House

I finally got my Oregon pictures back from my dad who had been holding them hostage! Since my blog is my picture journal, and my dad put so much time into my Oregon reception/Open house, I decided to dedicate a post to it... plus I love looking through our pictures because they just bring back the best feelings and get me all excited all over again.


At our Wedding in Utah, we got most of our pictures taken at the temple... which makes sense since it is where we got married. So i LOVED our utah pictures buuuuut i LOVE these oregon pictures too!!  We really lucked out on a GREAT Oregon spring day. I was sure it'd be raining but the rain Gods thought they'd give me a break since I survived my 12+ years of pure rain living in Oregon growing up and gave me the most perfect Oregon spring day.

 sooooo I'd like to let everyone know that I'm not the high maintenance one....  my dad pretty much made me have a whole second wedding in Oregon. :) which I'm totally thankful for! but I was fine with just seeing some of my friends at our house or  in our backyard or something.... buuuut yeah... that didn't happen. We got the Scholls Lodge, and he went above and beyond. We had a second cutting of the cake, dance, sister singing our song etc.  It was actually fun to re live the day a second time, but in a more laid-back-kind-of-way.

cute family picture.... cardboard cut out decided to join us here as well. 

 this was THE most delicious thing ever. (and so beautiful)

 my in-laws came into town for it! they are THE best. 

 The cutest favors - cookies like Joram's suit and my dress! 

My beautiful sister sang our wedding song for everyone again. Makes me cry everytime.

My dad is in love with my new nephew.... :)

Cake Cake Cake...

Anyway... just a quick post with a couple of the Oregon pictures. Once again thank you everyone SO much for all of the love and all of the support. It was fun being able to celebrate with both our Oregon and our Utah friends and family. It's been an awesome 4 months-ish and we are a little bit of all of our friends and family... so we really owe our successes and love to you. We love you! 



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