Sunday, June 17, 2012

To my very best friend, Happy Father's Day.


I made it home in time for Father's day! My lovely mother flew out to help me drive home and we arrived right in time! I couldn't be more thankful for my mom to help me drive and more excited to be with my dad for father's day :)

I could not say enough good things about my dad. Anyone who knows me well enough thinks its funny how close me and my dad are. We talk on the phone every single day, probably 2 or 3 times a day. I talk to him about everything. Before and after tests, dates, class, driving home, for advice. Everything. I love that my dad really listens and remembers what I say. He's really good at remembering people too. So, he basically knows all my friends just because he hears so much about them, and if I bring them up 2 months later, he usually remembers. It's also funny because my dad loves Facebook, so when he sees me tagged in a picture with someone, sometimes he will ask me about them. He is my best friend. 

This is me and my dad when I was little. My dad loves his bean bags. Whenever he watches tv, he is always on the floor, I don't think he believes in sitting on the couch. 

Here's my dad and I at my QuinceaƱera. We had to do some fancy Waltz... ha. That was fun. Thankful for my dad for making me half Hispanic.

I'm pretty sure my dad was more excited about walking across the field with me than I was. It was pouring rain that night,  and he was still there to be my escort :)  

I got my love for traveling from my dad. He plans the best trips. We've traveled to Europe, South America, all over the US and some other way cool places like Jamaica, Canada, Mexico etc. 

My dad looooves taking pictures. Every dance I went to was a photo shoot. And I could never figure out the boutonniere... He always had to help me with that one.

Here we are in Hawaii. He's the full hispanic, so why am I darker than him...

My dad came down a few times last year to visit me in Provo (he misses me way too much). Here's us after I picked him up from the SLC airport! 

I could honestly write a novel about how much I love and respect my dad. All my friends that meet my dad love him. For those of you who don't know him, here's what makes him my hero.

My dad was born in Uruguay. He grew up with basically nothing. Whenever he talks about growing up, it always seems as though he always knew he would come to the US. His mom almost cries about it now because he has an american name: Henry. Not Enrique, Henry. My uncles name is Carlos, and my aunts name is Ana Maria. So my grandma thinks he was totally american and shes the one to blame. I think it was destiny. He came to the US, married my mommy, had me (his prized possession), graduated from Northwestern University (my dads a genius). Had the rest of the fam (not as cool as me... kidding) And he's had some cool jobs but he works for Nike now, and he is the man. He is the smartest man I know, he knows random facts about evvvverrrything. He knows five languages and he knows exactly what to say to make you laugh 

I am amazed at what my dad has done with his life. He is the only one from his family in the US, he came from not even being able to afford a ride on the bus to school, to graduating from an Ivy league school, to the amazing man he is today.  

I'm thankful to have such an involved, loving, caring, funny, concerned, cool, thoughtful dad.

I love you dad, you're my best friend. Happy Father's day. 

daddy's girls. love you dad. 

PS. To prove his coolness even more, my freshman year of college, my dad would send me a new pair of Nike's every month, with a card.

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